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interesting day

Well, i can cross puking in an italian restaraunt off of my list of things to do before i die now...

yes. for my father's birthday we went to Bravo's. about an hour into the whole thing i was done convincing myself that i wasn't going to get sick, and ran to find the bathrooms... but i was thinking we were in the one on McKnight road(we were in Cranberry) so i had no idea where the hell i was going... i didn't end up finding them is all i'll say. it was a very interesting moment. it's funny now, but at the time, not exactly...
but besides that it was still a pretty interesting day. my dad dragged me out of the house, saying it does good for a cold(bullshit!), so i was in Border's, then Party City where i ran into Roy. wee! talked to him for awhile, went back into Border's where Sara S finds me! again, talk for awhile, she leaves to find her man-lover(hehehe)because they're seeing a movie. and i ended up buying Tarot cards. found an awesome deck, Tarot of the Dead... very whimsical, with the characters of the Major/Minor arcana being skeletons. interesting how they really do work around your question... it's wild.

yes, so that was my day. woohoo:)
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