Arkadia Raduesca (arkadiaraduesca) wrote,
Arkadia Raduesca

it's fun to realize someone is lying to you. yup. loads of fun.

heh. its been a fun filled day friends and neighbors. and just a few moments ago was the kicker. i'm kind of wondering why i put up with it. do i deserve to? hell yes. but i realize what's happening, so why don't i just stop it? gah! i'm such a fucking weakling! i swear i have no spine...

and these are not only random lyrics, but a very accurate description of Love. wee!

"It's hiding in the corner
of every sacred place
Before the ambush you won't want to recognize its face.
It slithers like a viper
Readies its attack
Tears your flesh and soul apart
Then clings on to your back...

But not till it turns away
Can you feel the pain of all the damage done
And you may notice that
This quick opiate
Might wear the wings of angels
That's when you realize
You've been shot down
Wounded unto death by something called Love..."
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