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most interesting moments

a whole slew of ah... very interesting conversations happened over the course of the day... for once, Monday was very enjoyable.

conversations with Jon(in English class):
Jon: *writes something down on one notecard, puts another into the crease of the book. after 2 minutes or so, he stabs the notecard with the pen and takes it out.*
Me: ... is there any reason you just murdered your notecard?
Jon: um, no, no there wasn't. *busts out laughing*

Me: *reading; starts laughing*
Jon: what is it now?
Me: just this sentance- "this little toy ox must have amused children of the Indus Valley for endless hours- it could nod it's head." *Jon starts bobbing his head up and down*

Conversations with Henry(on the bus):

Henry: *points to a dog* LOOK! It's a poodle! wait, fuck, no it's not a poodle!! it's a.... ro-chuck? ...what the fuck is a ro-chuck?
Me: roadchuck?
Henry: ROADCHUCK! I'M A ROADCHUCK! I chuck pavement! *gnaws the air* i chuck cement roads and brick roads and wooden roads- wait, no. then i'd be a woodchuck- i'm going into someone else's territory! and i also chuck sidewalk... no, then i'd be a sidewalkchuck and that'd be weird...

Henry: *stands up and points out the window to the busses heading down the hill awhile away* and i'll chuck twinkies!!! *we both start howling*
Me: twinkies? you just pointed to a bus! wouldn't you be a buschuck or a big-hunk-a'-metalchuck or something(i'm not creative; especially not on mondays)?
Henry: well i didn't want to be all cliche and say i'm a buschuck, so i say i'll chuck twinkies! i'm a twinkiechuck. i chuck those twinkies good.

Henry: *singing w/ the Klondike tune* what would a roadchuck.... wait, that's the damn wrong song!
Me: that's probably the most interesting phrase i've ever heard. the damn wrong song *laughs*

Conversations at lunch with Emily, Lily and Kelly:
Lily: here, take the apple. *hands me an apple*
Me: no, keep it.
Lily: take the apple.
Me: no, dammit. i don't want it.
Lily: take the apple!
Me: no!
Lily: Fuck you!
me: that's an eloquent way to keep a conversation going... *laughs*

Kelly: *at vending machine. gets Hershey's bar but the outer wrapper is missing* The wrapper is missing. The wrapper is missing? what the fuck? My wrapper is MISSING! where did it go? i've been robbed of my fucking wrapper!
(note: this was funnier at the time, because of the way she said 'where did it go', and the movements she made)

Kelly: *flipping through biology magazine, sees cows*
both of us: COWS!!! OOOOOO COW!
Kelly: *flips page to picture of more cows. one cow apparently has a weird eye*. look! more cows! but that one looks weird!
me: why?
Kelly: look at it's eye! it's all.... big! and weird! look, i'm a demented cow! *hold open eyelids really far* i'm a fucked up looking cow! my eye is goddamn huge! i'm on crack-cocaine! i'm a crack cow! fuck the cash cows, i'm on DRUGS!

With Bill in the beginning of band:
Bill: you know, Patty-cake should be made a sport.
Me: it should go into the olymopics.
Bill: yeah really! International patty-caking
me: extreme patty-caking
Bill: no, professional patty-caking! yes! i'm a professional patty-caker!
Me: there'll be competitions worldwide to see who's the champion!
Bill: and then, there will be an alltime low for losers everywhere, when someone starts using steroids in professional patty-caking.
Me: ... you're right, that would be really sad. *laughing*
Bill: people with massive hands going at it, patty-caking, sweating, veins popping out...
Me: blood and tears will be shed as the patty-caking champion will be determined...
Bill: ... you realize we've been talking about patty-cake for 6 minutes...
me: yup. it's kinda funny if you think about it.

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