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Thank you, Roy, for passing your illness to me *lol* :P

its been a bad day... and it just started. i'm sick, there's a family gathering tonight for my dad's birthday(it's next wednesday but we're celebrating tonight...oh joy), got a call from Chris about John- he's still doing badly, and my grandmother's neighbor, Tom, died a few days ago. we were close friends with him and his family... and he had 2 kids! Alex was 6 and his brother's only 3! this is the worst thing that could've happened to these people... why? why did this happen to them? what did his kids do to deserve losing their dad? and his wife, what did she ever do? she's the nicest woman i've ever met... *sigh*

and tonight, i become the goddamn party clown for everyone. what the fuck, why not let them hit me with water-balloons? they're going to demean me enough verbally, why not take it to the next level? >:(

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you'd think i'd be the sick one... huh... well i hope you feel better!

sorry to hear about your bad day. just tell eveyone that you don't feel good and lie in bed the whole night. listen to some soft music. that's what i'd do if i was feeling that way, anyhow.

hope you feel better!
merci merci merci! *hugs*

ah, i wish i could do that. it'd be nice. but i still have to go, because it's a family thing and everyone goes to family stuff unless they're neear death, and i'm not, so i still have to get in the car. meh.
pauvre fille! freddie knows- lay around wherever you are and just tell everyone "i'm sick. don't bug me."

hope you get well soon- Dayquil should knock the sick right out of you- at least for a few hours.

sorry to hear about all the awful things going on. nobody deserves what happens most of the time. but people adjust. one just has to pick up and carry on. carry the weight a long time, but carry on and strength will come- one becomes callused to these things after a while.
Dayquil battles my system and makes me feel worse, so no to Dayquil, but thank you for your advice:)

people do adjust, it's just difficult for the people these things happen to. especially when there are children! i can't even imagine what they're thinking... it's really hard explaining death to a kid, because it'll be traumatizing to hear the truth, but if you lie, eventually they'll figure it out and resent you for it... either way it's just a miserable experience. i just hope they're doing well.
I'm so sorry. :-(

Was he sick? :-(

I hope everything gets better, Erika.