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moon moon moon

today sucked. i'm still sick, i've been coughing all day, i've been cold as hell all day as well, almost passed out in band(playing an instrument that requires lung strength is a bad idea when you don't have it at the time), and i couldn't stop crying from the time i got home to just a few moments ago.
i am a fucking failure. i am. i just cannot succeed at anything worthwhile. yeah, i know, it's negative thinking and i shouldn't be thinking like that because i can succeed and i'm good at stuff and on and on and on. if you're going to say that to me, piss off. i know i'm bad at things. everyone is. i just happen to be extraordinarily bad at some things. i had my math teacher explain something to me today. my desk is about 11 feet from his- by the time i walked back to my desk, i had forgotten what he said to me. how fucking pathetic is that? one among many examples...

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