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I've been wondering this for awhile now... is it really 2006? is this seriously the year we're living in? because there are still people dying in mines, the government is tapping our phones and everything we do today radically contradicts our constitutional rights. i guess we didn't totally destroy the Soviet Union...
The government is illegally listening to the common peoples' phone calls and watching our email. they want to know if we're terrorists or looking at porn. i have to come clean. i've been looking at Terrorist porn. one of my favorite sites is also one of Afghanistan's- Hey, here's a novel idea- let's just get back to being America here. stop totally violating our privacy out of total paranoia.

it's funny that Osama bin Laden has offered us a truce. a great offer and all, but i don't really think he's in the best bargaining position. But he's also threatened more attacks. sorry buddy, but you're not catching us with our pants down again. we're not really afraid of a guy who lives in a cave, craps in a bucket and delivers threat videos by goat. But i don't understand why we haven't caught him yet. we have satellites that can spot a canker-sore on a gnat's urethra, but we can't find this guy. or are there just too many 6'4", turban-wearing, bearded, dress-swishing dialysis-machine dragging psychopaths to narrow it down? let's just find him. if the administration thinks we need a guy to point the finger at or to keep us afraid, no, we're not afraid, we're pissed off. Osama is like that kid in the supermarket who keeps knocking stuff over and being obnoxious. he needs to be dealt with. Mr President, please use the executive authority of the bitch-slap and take this guy out. your popularity might just double to a whopping 50%!

Reminding me of Dubya's pathetic approval rate, it's gone down just a bit more now that he's decided it's a good idea to turn our port security over to the Middle East. ok. turning our port security over to the Middle East would be kind of like... oh, i don't know, ignoring a warning about someone crashing planes into the World Trade Center. or invading a country for no reason. or putting a horse-show judge in charge of national emergencies. and who would do that?? The Middle East is insane! come on, a few weeks ago a Dutch comic illustrator drew a cartoon of the Musim prophet wearing a bomb for a hat. the Muslims were outraged at having their prophet being depicted as violent, so they stormed the Dutch embassy and did a lot of violent things. there mustn't be a word for Irony in Arabic...
Is the Middle East really so uptight that they need to go after cartoons, drawn by the Dutch no less? Come on. going after the Dutch is like fighting the wheelchair kid wearing the helmet. and now the Muslims are going to boycott dutch chocolate because of the cartoon. Ok... you people think you're a martyr if you blow yourselves up, cover up every inch of your body, live in 114 degree heat, and when you get mad your best idea is to blow the cause of anger up, along with yourself. of all the people in the world, you guys need chocolate! lots of chocolate, with Ritalin and Xanax in it. Jeesy...
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