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St. Patrick's Day! wee

On a random note... 'Radhe Shyam' is the most beautiful devotional song i've ever heard. O_O
You can do Aarati online now, apparently... well, that's different! aarati is a small devotional act- a less elaborate puja, which is another form of worship. bathe the deity, clothe it, offer light, camphor, tilak, ornaments, flowers, food/drink offering- it's an aarati! and you can do it online now, here: no one else is probably very interested, but it's something new:)

Today was very pleasant, up until i found a note that was written by a friend of mine awhile back... he's been gone for awhile now. he must've written it before he left, in this little journal-thing i have(i never look through it, i've only covered 5 pages with sketches). he hasn't been here since January, and just today i find this note...
I'm sick of this whole ordeal. if he's gone, let him be gone. i don't want to think about it anymore. i don't want to realize i'll never see him again anymore. i don't want to continue this way. it'd be pleasant if i were just allowed to move on from it all, but every so often something like that happens- i find a letter, or something religious reminds me(he's jewish), etc etc etc. everyone involved with him would just like to forget this all(not about him, of course, but about this whole thing with him leaving), and a few have succeeded somewhat, i think, at least have gotten farther than i. why can't i? meh.

well, at least things are looking up in terms of mood. i'm going to the movies w/ Justine and Colleen tomorrow, and at some point in time a whole group of people and myself are going to see the Reduced Shakespeare Company. wee:) hey, being with people helps. isolation sucks.

speaking of being alone, my father still isn't home. he's usually here by 6. it's 9:40. what the hell? i like being alone in the house, but still...

Answer the following questions about your friend in a brutally honest way. do not leave anything out, do not be afraid to hurt the person you're answering for. answer honestly, and discover how deep your friendship truly goes. but don't be afraid to have fun with this!

1: what is my name?
2: how long have we known each other?
3: what do you know about me? everything, anything.
4: what are my best qualities?
5: what are my worst qualities?
6: does anything i do or say annoy you?
7: have i ever hurt you? physically or emotionally
8: do you think you've ever hurt me?
9: do you love me?
10: Why?(in reference to above question)
11: what is my favorite color?
12: will i be at your wedding?
13: would you die for me?
14: if yes, would you hesitate or think twice? if no, why not?(in reference to above question)
15: am i important to you?
16: am i attractive(in your opinion)?
17: have i ever made you hate me?
18: will our friendship last?
19: do you like bananas?
20: will you post this in your blog/livejournal/myspace so i can answer it for you?

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